Our Approach

Critical to garnering public engagement is clear, compelling messages andOur Expertise: Translating complex ideas into simple, compelling communication tools that serve to educate & engage. a variety of captivating communication tools. Our team of graphic designers, writers and creative thinkers stands in the shoes of the target audience and asks, “What information do they need to know and why should they care?” From this vantage point, we create brochures, websites, surveys, videos as well as conduct media outreach to educate the public about issue or projects we know they care about. This is different from traditional PR as our aim is to inform in order to engage, not simply to inform or convince. Our communications efforts are directly tied to public engagement with the aim of informing in order to increase participation.

Communications Portfolio

truckee tahoe airport district by freshtracks
Truckee Tahoe Airport District Public Education Tools

campaign for community wellness freshtracks
Placer County Mental Health Program Branding and Brochure


NLTRA Draft Tourism Master Plan Communications