Freshtracks provides collaborative facilitation services. Certified Master Facilitator and owner, Seana Doherty, offers expert meeting facilitation services for the following types of meetings:

  • Retreats and Planning Sessions for Boards, staff, small and large teams
  • Large group consensus building workshops
  • Public workshop meeting facilitation
  • Strategic planning workshops for non-profit and government agencies

Benefits of Facilitated Meeting

Effective facilitation of meetings saves time and money. As we all know, most meetings are fraught with meandering and inaction. Our goal in providing facilitation services is to design meeting agendas and processes that maximize participation, minimize tension, use time effectively and energize the team.

Our approach is based on methods developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs with years of testing in hundreds of communities around the world. From Board retreats to public workshops to strategic planning processes, our facilitation approach will help move your ideas and people forward, together.